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Get A Rep!

Contact details of the Fujitsu Unite Reps and Contacts are available here

As Reps we deal with a number of disciplinary cases. Unfortunately not all managers and HR are fully conversant with the law or Fujitsu's policies, so it is important that all staff are familiar with their basic rights:

You MUST be informed beforehand.

The ACAS Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievances at Work is here.

If you find yourself, without warning, in a disciplinary meeting, GET IT ADJOURNED until you can get a Rep (or a colleague to go into the meeting with you, and they have given you the information mentioned above. You have this right - by not giving you at least 24 hours' notice they are breaking their own policy!

We would remind members to seek advice from a rep at the earliest opportunity if you may be the subject of a disciplinary hearing, whether you wish to contest it or not. We come across a lot of irregularities in the conduct of disciplinaries, which are often avoidable. It is a lot harder to correct a bad decision once it's been made, than to avoid it in the first place.

In the last resort you might have to seek legal redress against a company decision - particularly if you are dismissed, perhaps unfairly. If the need to take legal action is even a remote possibility it is vital that you:

Your Amicus rep will help you to stay within the rules and help you ensure you don't lose your right to legal redress.

Having a trained representative can make a big difference - please DON'T leave contacting amicus until you've already had the result of the disciplinary - it's much better for you to be represented at the first stage. IT IS YOUR RIGHT, and it's what you pay your subs for! So please, GET A REP!