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Guidance for those leaving Fujitsu - what can I do about my union membership?

If you're leaving Fujitsu, you need to decide what to do about your union membership. You have a number of options, depending on what you will be doing:


It can be useful to retain your union membership when you retire. As a member, you have access to advice on pensions, benefits, news, and union services. You can choose to continue as a full member, move to Retired Member Plus, or join Unite's Community Membership scheme.


UNITE has members in all sorts of jobs for all sorts of employers throughout Britain and Ireland. Many other employers already have union recognition agreements with UNITE. Even if your new employer doesn't yet recognise your union, you still have a legal right to be represented by your union in any grievance or disciplinary hearings. Even as an individual union member, you still have access to information, advice and support that non-members can only dream of.


If you're out of work, you can swith to Back To Work membership, with relevant services and discounted subs until you find your next job, ensuring you maintain your continuity of membership, as well as having access to information and support you may need.


Whatever you decide to do with your membership, you need to let UNITE know about your changed circumstances, including changes to your employer, subs rate, and contact details. Fujitsu employees can do this simply by emailing our membership secretary, .


Details of the Unite subs rates are available here.