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Training for Unite Reps

All union reps are encouraged to attend training courses to help them gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform their role effectively.

In a workplace where Unite is recognised by the employer, you are entitled to agreed, reasonable, paid time off to attend union training courses, though your employer has some say over the timing of it. In the national protocol agreement, Fujitsu has also agreed to some release for reps who don'tyet have recognition.

What you need to do:

  1. Identify the course you want and check there are still places
  2. Talk to your manager, and get agreement for paid release to attend the training - if you have trouble ask a senior rep or your regional officer for assistance. Attendance is a legal right, only the date is negotiable. Get the agreement in writing (email will do)
  3. Book your place on the course

There is a huge range of courses (at no cost to members). These include basic ones for new reps, more advanced rep training, courses aimed at under-represented groups, and courses open to all members. Courses range from one-week residential, shorter courses, or day release near you. The main sources of training are Unite and the TUC: