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The Compulsory Redundancy Process and Redeployments



The Compulsory Redundancy Process

Explanation of Stages

decide numbers
ICL decide that X number of jobs may go from unit Y

staff warned
Staff warned that they are at risk of potential redundancy, and any recognised union notified (minimum of 90 days before start of notice period)

start of collective consultation
Start of collective consultation over potential redundancies (at least 90 days before start of notice period)

pools identifided
Pool(s) (eg. Departments or roles) identified within unit Y (from 1 - N people)

selection criteria decided
Selection criteria decided (where selection is necessary within a pool

people in selection pool scored
Each person in the selection pool is scored according to the criteria from the "selection criteria decided" stage. This is done for all the pools identified in the "pools identified" stage

individual told if selected for redundancy
Individual told that they have been selected for redundancy

individual warning of potential redundancy
Individual warning notice of potential redundancy given (as per SEA 2.2), a minimum of 4 weeks before start of notice period

given notice (start of notice period)
Given notice (start of notice period)

end of statutory notice period
End of statutory notice period

end of contractual notice period
End of statutory notice period

leave ICL
Leave ICL

start of payments under SEA section 5.1
Start of payments under SEA section 5.1 (payments for continuing unemployment)

end of SEA 5.1 payments
End of SEA section 5.1 payments


The following extract from the SEA (Security of Employment Agreement) guarantees that anyone on notice of redundancy who finds another position within the company to which they could redeploy, can try out that new position for 6 months. If within that time they find that the new position is not suitable for them they can then claim redundancy on the same terms that apply now.

"If redeployment of personnel is possible, the personnel concerned will be offered transfer at not less than their current salary and comparable status. Retraining will be arranged where appropriate."

"In the six months following redeployment, a redeployed employee may claim redundancy on the basis of the original redundancy situation and will receive the redundancy payment which he/she would have received in the original redundancy situation provided that he/she has not unreasonably rejected a further offer of suitable alternative employment."

"The six months trial period referred to above includes the four week trial period which the Company is obliged to allow as defined by the Employment Protection Act."