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Redundancy Calculator


Redundancy packages depend on your employment contract, and there are many contract types in Fujitsu. You should seek proper advice and information from your Unite rep, not just rely on this tool. Most ICL employees before 2000 had the ICL(GSS)-type contract which includes the Security of Employment Agreement (SEA) for redundancy terms. People who signed new contracts in the early days of Professional Communities may be on the same terms as the ICL M Grade scheme.

For guidance on who is covered by the SEA, employees in the UNITE Manchester bargaining unit should see the Annex 1 agreement Employees elsewhere should refer to section 9 of the minutes of the December 2007 UKCF meeting.

NB: the calculator purports to represent, as far as possible, the rules and practice of ICL and Fujitsu Services. Note that some of the company's practice may be discretionary, such as kicking people out of the door at the end of the consultation period rather than when their notice expired.

The redundancy calculator is not guaranteed - get proper advice and information from your Unite rep - but it does provide a good guide. Many thanks to the member who produced it.

NB: Definition of pay/salary
Where they form part of an employee's salary, and are not claimed on an ad-hoc basis, the Company will include Maternity, Standby, Callout, Shift and Acting Up allowances as part of their redundancy payment. The Company will not be paying disturbance allowances.
So this wouldn't include TSB under the UHP, but would include standby if paid as an allowance, for example.

The Fujitsu redundancy calculator is available here.

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